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Homegrown (2018) - Now available on Amazon (

After suffering a heart attack, a single father landscaper hides the fatal prognosis from his teenage son and instead enlists him in the landscaping business to try to teach him to be self-sufficient.

Our Oceans (2020) - Now available on Amazon (

After the passing of their only parental figure, two estranged brothers are forced with the choice to either overcome their differences or risk succumbing to them.

without repret prime.jpg

Without Regret (2017) - Now available on Amazon. (

After years of estrangement, a daughter struggles with whether to say a final goodbye to her dying mother. 


Drug of Choice (2015) - Now available on Amazon. (

Moments of life captured through the perspective of a teenager severely addicted to heroin.

Shadows in the Night (2015)

A short horror film.


Embrace (2012) Trailer:

After a chaotic event leaves the world in darkness, two teenagers, along with their neighbor, travel to a remote location where they discover a hidden secret, that may cost them, their lives.

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